Chronixx Redefining Reggae's Success | Billboard

Chronixx Redefining Reggae's Success | Billboard

September 25, 2017

What does it mean to be reggae's success? There's a famous saying that there's no I in team. Billboard spoke with Chronixx and his team to discuss how they're redefining what it means to be a success in music.

"As his globetrotting itinerary affirms, the demand for the 24-year old sing-jay -- whose sincere lyrics and compelling vocals, an amalgam of roots reggae’s urgency and dancehall’s rapid fire rhymes -- extends far beyond Jamaica’s shores. Five years after attaining his initial recognition outside of the Caribbean, how has Chronixx surpassed other promising Jamaican acts to become reggae’s most talked about artist?" writes Patricia Meschino for Billboard Biz.

Too often, many good artists release great music only to be hit with the "What did it sell?" question. Why does that matter? What should it sell? In a time of low sales and high touring potential, are sales really an accurate reflection of who or what is good music? Team Chronixx explain their strategy to help Chronixx reach his fans.

“Certain stats will show you the inconsistencies where, over time, we will figure out how to fill these gaps,” Chronixx acknowledges. “We are growing and even when we have passed and gone, the music will continue to grow. We live in the generation where we look for sales in the same month or year. But music has its time, and that time will come.”

Read the insightful words and gain an insight into the inner workings of the small but dedicated machine Chronixx works with. Find out what it means to be a reggae success. And if you're a creative, don't let others tell you what is and isn't success. Define yourself. For only you, the art creator, knows what you want to be and set out to do.

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