Choronology | Album

Choronology | Album

Chronixx's debut album was released on 7/07/17. Rooted in various elements of Jamaican music, Chronixx ventures on a journey through life and sound.

From Chronixx’s 2013 breakthrough anthem “Smile Jamaica” (produced by Silly Walks Discotheque) that put him on the map, to his latest self-produced, dancehall-styled single “Likes,” these songs are a guide to the progression of Chronixx as a well-rounded artist. His palette for rhythm is limitless, choosing an array of colors to paint vivid pictures. He walks you through the neighborhood that raised him on “Spanish Town Rockin” and pays respect to the women in his life on “Majesty” - both featured on his 2016 mixtape Roots & Chalice by Federation Sound.

“Ghetto Paradise” (produced by Phillip “Winta” James whose credits include Damian Marley & Protoje), Chronixx expresses the bittersweet realities of Jamaica, a juxtaposition of the island’s beautiful aesthetic and the darkness, poverty and strife that lies within.

He declares humanity’s indomitable spirit on “I Can,” produced by Parisian production duo Picard Brothers (credits include Major Lazer, Ellie Goulding, Kehlani). The album’s one and only guest feature is reserved for his father, Jamaican reggae vocalist Chronicle on “Big Bad Sound.” The song hails up all the generals from his father to Haile Selassie who helped shape him musically and spiritually. It is a true example of the art form’s continuation coming full circle.

Thoughtful lyricism aside, one of Chronology’s greatest attributes is its grand production scale. The album’s rich instrumentation allows the messages to digest into a soulful depth. Chronixx co-produced the entire album with a diverse all-star cast spanning the globe (Rudimental, Stephen "Di Genius" McGregor, London-based Utters and NYC’s Federation Sound.

Chronixx also recruited iconic American blues guitarist Donald Kinsey, who recorded and toured with Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, on songs "Country Boy" and "Christina" and a Chicago string orchestra arranged by Matt Jones on tracks like “Legend,” “Tell Me More” and “Black Is Beautiful.”

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