Chronixx talks reggae, Rasta and politics on Fader

Chronixx talks reggae, Rasta and politics on Fader

March 7, 2017

Chronixx was recently interviewed by influential website, Fader. The interview took place just after of his performance on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon. During the conversation, Chronixx speaks on Rasta's importance, failing politics in Jamaica and applying the finishing touches on forthcoming album, Chronology.

On Chronology:

"It is inspired by Jamaican music and the various forms that Jamaican music have taken over the last 50, 60 years. It is one of those projects celebrating the wealth of music coming out of Jamaica. The sound of it is doing that. Because of Jamaican music, there’s a lot of beautiful music in the world. In my book, that is indisputable. Everything from reggaeton, a lot of the Hispanic pop music nowadays, and pop music in general, R&B, hip-hop — a lot of inspiration has been drawn from Jamaican music."

On "Reggae revival:

"You have to understand, as artists, there is art and there are people who write about art — people who publicize it, people who publish it, people who promotes it. For you to promote something, you have to have a nice tagline, a nice logo, and I think the “reggae revival” is just one of those things. Rather than write a paragraph to decide what we are, people just comes up with the term “reggae revival” — the two best words that we can find and the two most appealing words that we can find."

On Rasta influence:

"We are, first and foremost, human beings. And then human beings who have chosen a spiritual way of life. And for me, Rastafari is what facilitates my spiritual life. Rastafari is my spiritual life. It’s a day-to-day evolution. Evolution and revolution, because you are never the same. Rasta is a self-teaching, and self-teaching meaning you are being taught by creation, which is yourself. To the point where you look at the tree, and you say, this tree is exactly me. And everything like me — the same things. It breathe just like me. It live just like me. It will die just like me. It has veins just like me... Then you start to see yourself in everything."

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